"The Hair We Wear"
The Back Story
How Ada Leroux Hair Came To Be

Hello and welcome to our  blog “ The Hair We Wear”the purpose of this blog is to share vital information about all things “hair” . Wearing added hair is not so taboo anymore. World famous celebrities utilize wigs, toppers, and various hair extensions to create that beautiful and goddess like appearance that you see on stage and t.v Their image depends on it. 

 So before l get started l would like to share some information on why i started this business “ Ada Leroux Hair” so here goes.



My journey in the beauty industry began when I was just 16 years old. I convinced my dad to take me to a beauty salon called Evelyn's Beauty Land. It was there that I received my first hair weave (sew in). l remembered seeing her commercial on TV and the slogan “Be the kind of women you want to be at Evelyn's Beauty Land,” which stuck in my head. l was convinced that she could make me into the woman I wanted to be, and to my surprise she did! After that first hair weave, l looked and felt different and from then on, I was hooked. That first experience at Evelyn’s started my lifelong passion for hair, and led me to Los Angeles to attend beauty college.

 By 2014, I was a full-fledged beauty professional, and I started noticing more and more women coming in with hair breakage and loss. Before I entered the beauty industry, I wasn’t aware of how widespread this issue was. My clients sparked a new desire in me to learn, understand and address hair loss. The more I researched, read books, took classes and attended seminars about it, the more passionate I became about helping women of all backgrounds who were losing their hair and how wigs played an important role in fixing this problem. During my studies, I found that many of the so called “solutions” put forth to these women were simply terrible in terms of quality, fit, and most importantly, style. 

To get a first hand understanding of the issue, I joined the American Cancer Societies’ “Look Good Feel Better” program and volunteered at my local hospital as a wig stylist, fitter, and class facilitator. I met so many wonderful women fighting all sorts of cancers who desperately wanted to keep their hair but could not due to costly treatments. I learned when you are fighting a deadly disease like cancer, image is everything; it’s important to look and feel the best you possibly can. That volunteer work helped me figure out how I could apply my knowledge and skill to combat hair loss. 

Knowing what I had to do, I signed up to work with a well known international wig company that sold wigs for women dealing with alopecia. Those wigs were very beautiful and well-made, but too expensive for the average woman to afford, let alone one who was dealing with cancer. So, I decided to fill in the gap for women who need wigs and hairpieces that are handcrafted, stylish, functional, and affordable.Ada Leroux Hair is going to focus on being a client centered company.