Germaine Leroux is a certified hair loss specialist, which allows her to team up with local medical professionals such as Dermatologists and Oncologists. Before her certification in non-surgical hair loss replacement, she served and volunteered as a class facilitator with the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good Feel Better'' program to assist women undergoing chemotherapy treatment. As part of her ongoing education in the battle with hair loss, she is fully trained in assessing the best hair replacement products for each person. 

She uses various tools to take proper head measurements, create molds, and source the best quality hair to help people feel like themselves again. Germaine accepts medical insurance for those who qualify. If you or someone you know is suffering from hair loss issues and would like a complimentary consultation, please contact Germaine directly at www.adalerouxhair.com or email her at service@adalerouxhair.com.


Ada Leroux Hair Restoration designs cranial hair prostheses for people experiencing medical hair loss. We use the most delicate foundational laces and high-quality virgin hair sourced from trusted vendors. As necessary, we masterfully color, cut, and fit your cranial hair prosthesis to achieve your goals of feeling like yourself again.

What do we offer?

Complimentary consultation for people who are unsure what the next step might be for them. During this consultation, you can share your concerns about your hair loss, and we may offer solutions that fit your lifestyle. We will design a custom cranial hair prosthesis that is right for you.