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The Four Types of Wigs

There are four types of wigs that are sold on this site they are called, lace front, 360 lace, and full lace wigs.


Full lace front wig- Is a lace wig that has a base made entirely of lace. This type of wig can be parted anywhere and looks like the hair is growing from the scalp and usually cost a bit more.

Lace front wig-Is as the name states the lace is just in the front and has machine sewn wefted tracks on the sides and back.

360 degree lace wig is a lace wig that cover the entire perimeter of the head but leave an opening in middle back of the head that must be closed by adding wefts.

U-part wig- The u-part wigs are full wigs that is machine sewn wefts attached to a wig cap it has cut out openings in front top crown area this opening must be covered with the natural hair or a 4x 4 in. lace closures.