Ada Leroux Hair now offers various types of non-surgical hair loss solutions based solely on clients' needs.

So, what is a cranial hair prosthesis?

A cranial hair prosthesis is what we call durable medical equipment; they are known by these other terms (medical wig-hair systems-toppers).

In short, the cranial prosthesis is a specially designed head covering that restores hair on the head and gives the wearer a natural-looking head of hair. The cranial prosthesis also aids in the regulation of body temperature and protects the scalp against outdoor elements. A cranial hair prosthesis is considered a necessary part of a person's health recovery during medical treatment; therefore, it is not like a regular fashion wig but instead created using specially designed -constructed caps, and the hair is hand knotted onto a unique lace that does not irritate the scalp. Therefore a prescription is needed from your medical provider so that health insurance companies will cover the cost by up to 80 to 100 % 

So, what is a topper (hair integration system)? And will it fit your needs?

Let's start with what it is; a hair integration system is a cost-effective and non-surgical way to restore fullness seamlessly it is sometimes referred to as a pull-through because, as hair replacement specialists, we often feed our client's hair through the system and attach it securely around the crown area. What makes a topper or hair integration system an excellent choice it that it must be a custom match to look like your hair, so it is completely natural.

A topper or hair integration system is used mainly in the crown area to conceal thinning hair for various reasons, including androgenic alopecia and medical treatments. It is usually incorporated with the remaining hair to achieve a fuller look. These types of hair systems are attached using various methods, including but not limited to thread, beads, adhesive, and sewing, etc. These types give the wear freedom to shower, sleep in, and participate in an active lifestyle, lasting four to six weeks.

Our Disclaimer 

Please read carefully. Before placing an order, we require a virtual or sometimes an in-person consultation before purchasing as it normally involves fitting or measurement of your head before buying(cranial prostheses-medical wigs-hair systems-toppers). Ada Leroux Hair offers many types of cranial prostheses, so what you see on our website, including the prices, are just some possible options for you to consider. Most of our cranial prostheses (medical wig-hair systems-toppers) are custom designed for each wearer. We do not guarantee any specific style, texture, length, or color will always be available for purchase.


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