The Four Main types of hairs loss clients we serve

The Cancer Client- In most cases after the treatments are over these women will see their hair grow back so their choices for wigs should last for a year unless the want to change it. It is recommended that women have two good wigs as it will last longer and when one of them needs repair, they can have a back-up wig to wear. there is hope these clients because their hair will grow back so these women may want a wig that look like their old hairstyle before the cancer took their hair so ask client to bring in pictures of themselves or magazines of hairstyles they want to try out. Sometimes cancer can make women bold and wanting to try something new.

The Alopecia Areata Client- let create a new look women who are diagnosed with this type of disorder will lose all or some of their hair and some women may have patches of hair missing. These women need a permanent solution for their hair loss because it can be extremely difficult to deal with.

The Thinning Hair Client-Depending on the degree of thinning and whether or not they are taking medical treatment for thinning hair it may be too late for these women and hair replacement may be the best solution but also the least expensive as these women tend to need coverage in the crown area of their heads. This type of hair loss is good because a woman can really experiment with her remaining hair by using different colors and textures and adding hairpieces.

The every day women- Clients who may not necessarily have hair loss or thinning hair but is looking for a new look or need a wig or hairpieces for special occasion.

Wig toppers for women Ada Leroux Hair


There are two specific types of wigs that Ada Leroux Hair will produce the are what we call full lace wigs meaning that each strand(s) of hair are individually hand knotted onto this base of soft lace bases-called French, Swiss, and Opera. These laces range in colors from transparent to light brown, medium, and dark brown and are lightweight and breathable.

The second type of wigs are called lace front wigs -meaning they have individually hand knotted hair to the front of lace base with wefting tracks in back. They are called frontals but our frontals gives our clients more styling versatility and measure approximately 13 in. X 4 in. 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 closures, Deep the cap sizes may vary by design. 

The types of hairpieces are crafted to match clients own hair color and texture.

Wigs and toppers for hair loss Ada Leroux Hair

Hairpieces or toppers-covers hair loss in the crown area that do not conceal the entire scalp it is normally integrated with clients own remaining hair on sides and back.



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