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Did you know that wigs have been around since the ancient Egyptians?

The earliest Egyptian wigs (c. 2700 B.C.E.) were constructed of human hair, but cheaper substitutes such as palm leaf fibers and wool were more widely used. They denoted rank, social status, and religious piety and were used as protection against the sun while keeping the head free from vermin.

African Wigs History

In the 1500s, hair tended to be dresses as a foundation for headdresses, but by the end of the century hairstyles became higher and more elaborate constructions in which quantities of false hair were used to supplement the wearer's own. Hair was gummed and powdered, false curls and ringlets were in fashion, and, in some cases, a complete head of false hair called a perruque, was worn. The French perruque was colloquially known as a peruke, periwyk, periwig, and eventually the diminutive wig by 1675.

Wigs from past

The Black Hair History is filled with many elaborate styles that span four hundred years. The goal is to briefly talk about some of the well know looks can be worn today as wig.

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