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How Often Should I Wash My Human Hair Wig?

Wig washing

Deciding how often you want to wash your wig is another personal choice. However, many women choose to wash their lace wigs and hair extensions once every one to two weeks. In the Summer that can be a bit of a challenge in such cases it’s a good idea to simply rinse hair with lukewarm water and apply conditioner sparingly to avoid buildup if the hair begins to feel sticky or dry, it may be time to give it a rinse.

The same goes if it begins to lose its curl or volume. Remember, washing your wig will limit its lifespan, so you don’t want to over wash it. If you wear a wig cap underneath and remove your wig before going to bed, you can help reduce the number of times you need to shampoo and condition it.

ALH offers real satin bonnet that will protect your wig and hair extensions while you sleep at night as it reduces the amount of friction your new hair will experience.

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