Let's talk about hair color on brown skin. Is it a no, no, or a yes for you, and under what circumstances? Well, it depends on your taste and how far you are willing to push the boundaries of hair color. So, as a licensed hair stylist and custom wig maker, I have a different view of this subject. First, I believe that your natural hair should be protected at all costs, and yes, brown skin can rock any hair color imaginable. 



If you want to rock these great colors teals, blondes, reds, silver-grays, pinks, etc., then go for it. Just protect your natural hair from the damage caused by bleaching, as you know that if your natural hair color is dark, you must bleach it (remove color), also known as depigmentation. Before you can add these fun colors, how can I get that fantastic look? Well, wearing a custom-colored wig or having those hair extensions colored by a professional hair stylist is strongly recommended instead of using your natural hair.  You see someone on Instagram rocking this color, and you think, oh hey, I can do that well, can you really? What if you bleach your hair at home? Please don't do this (side note, please do not do this at home). Go to a professional hair stylist specializing in hair color on wigs and extensions.  Please understand that you will pay plenty of money just for the bleaching alone of your natural hair and spend 8 to 10 hours at the salon. Second, you still have not even added the color once it has been bleached.

 Kinky Teal Hair


It is always best to start off with a darker shade of the desired color for the color teal. This gives your brain a chance to adjust to the color change.

Kinky Hair Wigs and Extensions

Here are some simple suggestions to maximize the look of teal color hair. First, our kinky hair wigs can be bleached at just the ends. Once that is done, your hair colorist adds the teal color to it. May we suggest you check out the images to get some ideas of what we are referring to? Look here. To view our collection of this beautiful hair, please click here.


If you would like to see some more color ideas for black women, by the way, we are planning and designing a custom-colored wig collection, so stay in touch by subscribing to our latest newsletters by heading back to our main page and just type in your email. Check out this link here

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