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Why purchase hair extensions and wigs from Ada Leroux Hair? My answer is simple  I am not just the owner and stylist of (Ada Leroux Hair) but l am a client what wears the products too.

Curly silver gray blonde wigs

Ada Leroux Hair, LLC offers sew-in, installs and custom wig making and wig refreshing services using our own products.

In this image I am wearing our Brazilian lace frontal and hair bundles. I love all of our products featured on this site but l have to say  our Brazilian hair products makes me look and feel super sexy. The other reason why l like this Brazilian hair is a great way to finish a sew-ins or make a custom wig without damaging your own hair with bleaching or leaving it out.

Just think of all the possibilities that awaits you start building your hair wardrobe today.

My background in the beauty industry started when l was just 16 years old. I persuaded my parents to let me get my very first sew-in (hair-weave). I loved it so much that l decided to attend beauty college. However, as time went on l started noticing a scary trend with my newest clients. 

They were coming to me with improperly installed hair extensions and wigs which in most cases lead to hair loss. To add to that scary trend the hair extensions and wigs were of poor quality. It was then l decided to seek out reliable hair manufacturers for high quality luxury hair extensions and wigs to ship directly to your home.

Blonde wigs

Shop with confidence! knowing we have everything you need highest quality 100% human hair extensions and hairpieces.

 Invest in yourself and build your hair wardrobe today with Ada Leroux Hair.

Ada Leroux | Founder & CEO | Ada Leroux Hair




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