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Germaine~ Wig Designer

My journey in the beauty industry began when I was just 16 years old. I convinced my dad to take me to Evelyn's Beauty Land. It was there that I received my first hair weave. l remembered seeing her commercial on TV and the slogan “Be the kind of women you want to be at Evelyn's Beauty Land,” which stuck in my head. l was convinced that she could make me into the woman I wanted to be, and to my surprise she did! After that first hair weave, l looked and felt different. From then on, I was hooked. Many years later l moved to Los Angeles to attend a local technical college to sudy fashion design, with that degree l work with many fashion designers and manufacturers sourcing products. From that industry l decided to go back to my first love and attended beauty college.

 In 2014, when I entered the beauty profession, I started seeing more and more women coming to me with hair breakage due to various reasons.  It was at that point l realized that l wanted to specialize in women's hair replacement by creating handcrafted wigs and hair pieces. So, starting in 2014, I started looking for ways to learn more about women's hair loss. The more I researched, read books, took classes, attended seminars, and watched online videos, the more I became passionate about helping women of all ethnic backgrounds who were losing their hair and how wigs played a role in fixing the problem.

Much to my surprise I found that many of the solutions put forth to these women were simply terrible in terms of quality, fit, and importantly, style. I joined the American Cancer Society-Look Good Feel Better program and volunteered at my local hospital as a wig stylist, fitter, and class facilitator. I met so many wonderful women fighting all sorts of cancers who just wanted to keep their hair but could not due to treatment.

When you are fighting a deadly disease like cancer image is everything, and it’s important to look and feel your best. Through that volunteering experience I learned how to work with various vendors and asked them to donate new wigs to the program, and that was great. Again, I realized it was time for me to move on. I signed up to work with a well known international wig company that sold wigs for women dealing with all types of hair loss including alopecia. Those wigs were very beautiful and well-made but cost-prohibitive for the average woman to afford. So, it was then that I decided to fill in the gap for women who need wigs and hairpieces that are handcrafted, stylish, and functional.


Germaine, is the Owner and Creative Director/Wig Designer behind the brand Ada Leroux Hair, who she named after her later beloved grandmother Rosalind who was  affectionately know in the family as "Ada."
Interesting enough, upon researching a name for her business the name "Ada" means Adornment and nobility which truly represents who her grandmother was.



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