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When is comes to wearing wigs a good fitting one is always better why?because you don’t want it shifting around or worst falling off you head.

Correct measurement lead to great fitting wigs and for us wig designers and makers it is our roadmap to your head. We want you to be happy with your purchase cause when you look good so do we.

Rules to measure by

1. Always measure your head according how you’re gonna wear the wig for instance if you have hair then braid it or wrap if down before attempting to measure. A wig cap is an excellent tool to keep you hair in place.

2. If you’ve never measured your head before it’s recommend that you do it at least twice or get someone help you.

3. This my sound silly but be sure to write those measurements in the correct location believe me it’s very easy to get the mixed up. I have done it many times lol

4. Get a really good measuring tape which you can find at any fabric store in your area if not then online like Joanns, Micheals, or Amazon.

5. Please take a look at this brief video it demonstrates how to  measure correctly. Click here now.

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