How to Care  3D Lashes

How to Care 3D Lashes

There are a few best practice tips to extends the life of your lashes. Strip-line lashes are more effective way to look glam in an instant, strip lashes looks great on any wearer, and has the versatility to be reused for up to twenty times. Sounds great right? Well here are a few tips to keep your strip-lash  lash investment looking good.      


1. If it’s your first time purchasing lashes from Ada Leroux Hair is recommend that you start off wearing strip lashes with less density. 
2. Do not sleep with your face buried in pillow at night in doing so it will cause lashes to go flat.

3. After you apply your lashes wait at least 24 before showering but if you can’t wait that long cover you eyes with hand or washcloth. Why, because the water force from the shower may cause lashes to detach from upper lids.


4. Ditch the mascara our lashes are fabulous you will not need it unless using it for lower lids.


5. Stay away from cotton balls near strip lashes it will be very difficult to remove those fibers.


6. If you use a towel dry your face pat it softly avoiding the eye area completely.

Wearing strip lashes are easy to install yourself and unlike Individual lashes they are reusable for up to twenty times!  


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Ada Leroux Hair

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