Temple Raw Indian Wigs

There is a global demand for unprocessed human hair clients like yourself want the best that money can buy and that will last a long time. Temple raw Indian fits the bill to a T. The other reasons why this hair is highly desirable due to volume, subtle glossiness texture and ease of manageability.

Raw Indian Temple Hair

Unprocessed Indian hair can and should last from two to four years where as lower quality hair must be purchased over and over again. Raw temple Indian hair cost considerably more but most wigs and hair extensions wearers will tell you it’s well worth it.

 This makes the hair highly versatile and easy-to-use. They can be easily heated, curled and stylized. This type of hair extensions mingles well with a wide range of hair textures.

The natural vitality of these human hair extensions are maintained by keeping them safe from the taint of synthetic fibres. This ensures that all the cuticles are intact and align towards the same direction. This specific feature guarantees shed-free, tangle-free, flattering and long-lasting styling experiences. ( FIX Below)


Indian straight Hair Extensions

Bugatti Hair Products comes up with 100% authentic Indian human Straight hair extensions that demonstrate unparalleled finesse. At Bugatti, this straight Indian virgin hair is necessarily donor hair. This superb-quality Indian straight virgin human hair is available in varied lengths ranging from 8 to 32 inches at Bugatti.

This Indian straight hair is directly obtained from the temples of South India. The quality, texture and colours of the unprocessed hair is preserved by keeping it out of reach from chemical. Bugatti supplies these fine and sleek Indian hair extensions in varied colours of Natural Black, Brown and Gray.

These straight hair extensions have a velvety texture that can be easily styled accordingly. This hair can also be washed without any worries. Indian virgin hair has a remarkable light density and rich volume that makes it highly popular. The hair has a notable no-shed and no-tangle condition and offers decent styling options for a long lasting period of time. This Indian wavy hair goes well with any hair texture and lets you try new style every time.

Indian Wavy Hair extensions


This Indian curly hair is directly purchased from the temples of South India. The natural quality and texture of the hair is maintained by keeping it far from the hazardous effect of chemical treatments of any kind.

Ada Leroux Hair supplies these unprocessed Indian hair extensions in a variety of rich colors of Natural Black and Brown. These wavy extensions can be easily styled as per your mood, thanks to its lush, shiny and velvety texture. This hair can also be subjected to washing without causing any damage to texture. Indian virgin hair is well-known for its unique light density and gorgeous volume. With cuticles aligned in the same direction, the hair can provide you with no-shed and no-tangle styling options for about one year or more. However, they need to be cared for and treated properly. This Indian wavy hair goes well with any hair texture.


Indian Curly Hair Extensions

We offer you purely natural and genuine collection of Indian virgin human curly hair extensions. These hair extensions are gathered from donors, directly procured from the temples of South India in its most pristine form.offers this fine-quality Indian curly virgin human hair in different lengths ranging from 8 to 32 inches. The natural quality and texture of this hair is maintained by keeping it far from the effect of chemical treatments of any kind.

These unprocessed Indian hair extensions are offered in an array of various rich colors like Natural Black, Brown and Gray at Bugatti. The texture of these curly extensions is glossy and lustrous. These extensions can be effortlessly used and styled as per your wish. This hair can also be washed without any negative impact to the appearance or texture.

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