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Black women can slay any hairstyle you give to them. We have countless hashtags and forums dedicated to black women and all their beauty. With that said, l have a pretty good idea what you may be thinking? “ blonde hair” should  be or is only for a particular group of people! Not true my friend that particular hair color is not “exclusive” to any one group.

In truth, l am a licensed hairstylist and wig maker l have worked at many salons where hair bleaching is the number one requested services. So, contrary to popular beliefs no one group has exclusivity or are “born” with naturally blonde hair.

But for most the myth ”look” achieving blonde hair is achieved by chemically bleaching the hair over a series of six to ten salon visits. If a hairstylist tells you can go from your natural hair color of black / dark brown in just a few visits you’d better “run” as that process takes time. Ok, see for yourself go to Instagram, Facebook or any other social media sites there you will see tutorials of how to bleach.

The real truth is just 2% of the world population are actually born with blonde hair and keep it throughout their entire life.  But for a group of Melanesians living in the Solomon  islands.

 Blacks with blonde hair


A geneticist from Nova Scotia agricultural college in Canada, Sean Myles, conduced a genetic analysis on saliva and hair samples from 1209 Melanesian Solomon Island residents. From comparing 43 blond Islanders and 42 brown Islanders, he found that the blondes carried two copies of a mutant gene which is present in 26% of the island's population. The Melanesian people have a native TYRP1 gene which is partly responsible for the blond hair and melanin, and is totally distinct to that of Caucasians as it doesn't exist in their genes. 

 Natural blonde hair blacks


One trend that is continuously growing is luscious, beautiful, blonde hair. After hearing many stigmas surrounded by how ill-fitting blonde hair can look on women of color, we are finally at a place where we no longer agree with the naysayers.


Blonde lace wigs


Watching celebrities like Beyoncé, Halle, Mary J, Nicki M., Zoe Kravitz, Ciara, and much more rock this signature golden look is giving many of us the courage to go a couple of shades lighter.

Blonde wigs and frontals 

So, after convincing you to go blonde what's your next step? Well just like any wig or hair extensions you purchase you want to make sure that it looks realistic and flawless on you in every way.

As far as blonde wigs, there are a few tips that will help make rocking this color a walk in the park. So, check out these simple tips to wearing blonde hair for any black women.

First, shop around for the right “ blonde “ color as each of us have to consider the under tones of our skin. For my skin tone has a golden under tone so l can wear blonde colors warm or neutral under tone. But a yellow blonde cause my skin to look greenish -gray.

Second, if you can avoid bleaching your own natural hair as it tends to dry out the hair and may cause breakage if not properly cared for.

Third, I know you have seen many celeb wearing this color but don’t adjust their eyebrows hair to match the blond color. If you are serious please consult a licensed stylist or eye brow specialist about lightening the brow.

All the best,

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