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How to Rock Your 360 Lace Wig

How to Rock Your 360 Lace Wig

How to Rock a 360-Lace Wig

Owning a 360 -lace wig is a great option if you like wearing updos as 

360-lace wigs offer more variety in styling. Because these wigs are made by hand-tying or knotting the individual strands of hair onto lace to create the entire wig, you can part the wig anywhere you want, and you can even rock cornrows with these wigs. But remember that some 360-lace wigs has an opening at the crown that must be finished off with additional hair extensions. They are most often made with human hair and can be dyed, curled, or straightened to meet your styling needs.

Lace-front wigs, full-lace or 360-lace wigs will all require you to trim the lace around the edge of the wig and manipulate the part you wish to create. ALH now offers you the option of adding hair to the original hairline that matches you natural hairline to give it a more natural look. Since full-lace wigs come in different levels of hair density, meaning some wigs are fuller than others, you may need to adjust the width of the part by requesting less density.

Our wigs come with pre-plucked hairline and remember it is very important that you save time and money by ordering you wigs from ALH