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September 04, 2020 2 min read

Wigs, wigs such a wonderful invention they adorn the heads of celeb and the every day women alike. Wigs serve a purpose they instantly change your look making you feel like a million bucks. But, if you are a women who suffers from temporary or

permanent hair loss it can be a life saver. For those of us who still have a full head hair It’s important to remember that you still have hair underneath that wig and it must be cared for even more so that the wig you re wearing.

This is all a part of self care is wealth care the first thing l highly suggest is removing the wig from your head at night and massaging your entire head why? to keep the blood circulating this encourage hair growth.

Deep cleansing and condition your hair is very important and should be done once a week especially if you re a daily wig wearer. Give your natural hair some sunshine and fresh air you and your scalp will feel so much better. 

Trim your hair every four to six weeks to combat spilt ends and keep your hair healthy and growing under that wig.  

Never sleep in a wet wig if you going swimming in ocean or the neighborhood pool please, please, take the wig off immediately upon returning to your hotel or home and detangle it before shampooin or condition it. Let it air dry believe it or not you can use some plastic bags as a wig head so your wig will keep its shape.

Keep your scalp moisturized with natural oils this can be done while massaging the scalp.

Wear a wig cap it protects your natural hair from friction and breakage especially around your hairline.

   All the best,

Ada Leroux Hair

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